Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


» Metallographic Sample Preparation Setup :

» Abrassive cut off machine (Medium)
» Abrassive cut off machine (Upper medium)
» Surface grinder machine
» Hot mounting press for moulding of intricate shape samples.
» Double disk variable speed polishing machine.
Metallographic Sample Preparation Setup
» MIC Image Analyzer :

Image analysis is done for critical cases. MIC software installed, covers various metallurgical spects like-

» Volume fraction ( ASTM E-562)
» Graphite Morphology ( JIS 5502)
» Inclusion Rating (ASTM E-45, ASTM E-1122, JIS G0555, IS:4163)
» Delta Ferrite
» Grain size
» Linear Measurement
» Powder Particle size & distribution and others

MIC Image Analyzer
» Microscope :

Microscope is the most important tool for one, who is dealing with metals & its processes. OLYMPUS inverted Microscope is our prime tool to study the microstructure of various ferrous material parts. OLYMPUS digital camera DP-12/DP21 is attached with the Microscope for digital photomicrography.
» Microhardness Tester :

We have installed Microhardness Tester (SHIMADZU – Japan) for metallurgical investigation during final inspection & process set up.
Microhardness Tester
» Vickers Hardness Tester :

We have installed Vickers Hardness Tester for metallurgical investigation.

Vickers Hardness Tester